Why India's Biggest Tech YouTuber Technical Guruji’s Channel is Going Down?

There are many reasons behind this issue. The issue is not only affected Guruji's channel. Most of old channels are affected by this problem.

YouTube’s Algorithm

The first problem is YouTube’s algorithm. Channels that are old enough, YouTube’s Algorithm just stops promoting these channels.

Disputes, Dislike and Negativity

YouTube’s Algorithm doesn’t promote some types of videos including Disputed content and disliked content and a channel that has earned many guideline strikes in the past.

Content Are Outdated

His videos are the same as it was before 2 to 3 years. So, there are many new peoples who are coming to YouTube to watch videos and they want good quality and new generation content but Guruji’s channel is not providing it.

Giveaway Type Videos

When a YouTuber uploads a video on giveaways they say that “if you want to win this giveaway then you have to subscribe to my channel and like this video and share this video” this is a good thing but Guruji did a mistake.

He never stopped uploading these types of videos and eventually, he got many subscribers but they are not interested in Technical related videos they just want to win giveaways and that’s why they subscribed.

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