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IGTOK is a Turkish website where you can get free Instagram followers and story views, likes, and more. The website is in 2 languages the main language is Turkish and the second language is English.

Everyone wants Instagram followers and likes comments, So whenever you are going to get free Instagram followers from these types of websites, you should know the things which I am going to mention here.

The follower numbers are still key to Instagram’s success. It’s a measure of how many people are using the service and how much traffic it is gaining.

Some people are not happy with the fact that their Instagram accounts have many more followers than their Facebook profiles. The reason for this is that Facebook has a much higher engagement rate than Instagram; it has more users who are active on the service, and it has more active users who engage with posts.

However, Instagram can be a good solution for those who do not wish to be connected to a large number of people at once which would most likely lead to a negative experience.

Problem with Followers from IGTOK

There are many problems when you are going to buy Instagram followers, likes, and comments or get it free from these types of websites. These problems can also block your Instagram account permanently. Also, you will not get any benefits from these followers and likes and comments.

Bot Followers

IGTOK or similar websites of this provide free or paid Instagram followers and likes which are mostly bots. There are no real humans behind that accounts. Many peoples buy 100k or more followers from IGTOK or some other websites and they get that amount of followers but all followers are bots. The 100k followers will not like his post, and will not even see his posts and stories.

The problem with bot followers is very big and concerning. When you have 100 followers but the followers are real then it is good because at least they will like and see your posts and stories. But in the case of the bot, the followers of the Instagram account will be 100k but the likes of the posts will be zero.

How to Get Real Instagram Followers?

There are many ways to discuss to get real and genuine Instagram followers. These real Instagram followers will be 100% real humans and will like, and see your posts and stories. You can get some benefits with these human followers, unlike the IGTOK.

Share Reels

Sharing Reels is a very popular and genuine trick to get real Instagram followers. Nowadays Instagram, YouTube, and other platforms promote short videos. You should get benefits from this opportunity if you want real followers.

Upload new and unique videos on Instagram Reels which makes more chances to get the reel viral. When your reel will get thousands of views then your profile’s follow button also will appear in front of the viewers and if they like the reel then mostly they will follow you.

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Promote Your Profile on Instagram

This is a paid but genuine trick to get followers from Instagram which will be 100% genuine. Instead of spending your money on IGTOK spend it on Instagram Ads and promote your profile with ads. Instagram will show your profile to many peoples as your amount and your followers will increase 100%.

How to Get More Followers on Instagram

The growth of Instagram is a great example of how to utilize the technology and media outlets available to get more followers. The trick, though, is that even if you want to increase your followers, they won’t come.

In order to get more followers on Instagram, it’s important to understand what makes people like what you post on Instagram. What are some of the main factors that make an image interesting for someone?

According to Photography Blogger “Shane Sturtevant”, one factor that makes photos interesting is that they are unique. People want images with a specific emotion behind them and, in return for their attention, provide the viewer with something unique in order to connect with them.

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So let’s say you have a beautiful picture of your cat. If someone likes it — they will connect with it because cats are so rare and alluring. In return for their attention — they provide something new every time they visit your page and provide another opportunity for you to connect with them by sharing something new and different.

If one person sees your photo — that person will become interested enough in you (and the cat) so they will continue visiting your page and view more of the photos you share which may lead them to become interested enough in you (and the cat).

However, if many people see your photo — each person will become interested enough in you so many more people will visit your page which may lead more people to become interested enough in yourself (and the cat).

This may lead more people to become interested enough in you (and the cat) until eventually hundreds or thousands of people have seen your photo and become interested enough to follow up or “like” it.

Once this happens — every time someone views an image from you — that person becomes interested in everything else you share on Instagram as well as everything else they saw while viewing yours. They will surely follow you.

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Best Practices for Instagram Posts

Followers on Instagram are different than followers on other social networking sites. Instagram allows you to keep a constant eye on your followers’ activity, whether you want to or not.

The platform has made it easier for you to keep track of your followings than other sites because the data is automatically recorded at the time of each post, rather than at the time that a post is made.

Instagram also doesn’t have an account limit like Twitter or Facebook, so if you have more accounts than you can handle, there’s no need to leave them inactive.

Once you are able to keep track of your followers and monitor their likes, comments, and interactions with your posts, it will be easier for you to get them motivated and excited about what they see.

This is the reason why the best practices for Instagram photos involve giving people something they can enjoy instead of simply telling them what to look at — because we all want things that make us happy (feelings).

Don’t scream at people this way: “You! You don’t know how to take a photo! Get a camera!” Instead, tell them what they should be looking at when they take a photo. Tell them what makes it special for you; about why exactly they should be looking at it in the first place.

There will always be exceptions to this rule but good practice always begins with a solid foundation — now that’s something I want for my blog readers too!.

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